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tis the season

I suspect my parents are getting me an Ipod for Christmas. I've lost most of my enthusiasm for the holiday season (like, when I stopped getting a felt "stocking" filled with candy), but I've spent enough time thinking about it to conclude at least that much. It will be nice, I suppose, because I could come up with the argument that I would be "working" while listening to it, so long as I'm tuned in to scientific podcasts (of which there are many). I already do that when reading papers that are only very marginally related to my work. But I've had "Billie Jean" stuck in my head for most of the day, and reading a paper won't undo that.

Does it make me a dullard if a change in my medication regime renders me unable to rant? Because the infrequency of updates lately is mostly due to the fact that I don't have as much bothering me on a moment-to-moment basis, although when I sit and think about it there is still plent of stuff out there that makes me ill (more on that in a moment). I've gotten an official go-ahead from my lifeless automaton of a psychiatrist to decrease my one med and go back to another that I took (happily!) for years, and only stopped when I became incapacitated with stomach problems.

On second thought, though, maybe I'm not ranting because there has been a genuine change in my quality of life since moving here seven months ago. Not as much bothers me (openly) because the things that bother me (openly) are no longer present. Is that possible? I had never spent much time considering that. I suppose I could go off antidepressants altogether and see, but I have to be a realist. I don't like the idea of permanent medication any more than anyone else, but I know what I'm like without chemical intervention. A hundred years ago, someone like me would be an alcoholic or dead by my age.


'Tis the season for religious lunacy. I'm absolutely floored to read internet discussions about the recent meeting in Iran to "discuss the extent and influence of the Holocaust" (read: to deny the Holocaust)...in which many online commenters, who are apparently conscious human beings capable of breathing unassisted, believe that the meeting's purpose is to call international attention to the plight of the Palestinians. Hello, do you really think David fucking Duke, who would love to see all non-Protestant, non-European people banished from the planet, really gives a tenth of a shit about the Palestinians? Do you think neo-Nazis are appropriate commentators on the state of global human rights? Do you really think Mahmoud Ahmedinijad (sp?) is anything more noble than George W. minus the bacon-and-egg breakfast?

And going from the left end to the right end of the fuckstick spectrum, we have this article claiming that soybeans cause homosexuality. While that's par for the course for evangelical wingnuts, I especially love how they take a tiny speck of solid scientific evidence and stretch and bend and mold it until you have a massive circus tent of total illogical batshit-crazy bullshit. Robert Atkins and PETA would be proud.

Who was it who said "the only thing separating the left and the right is the mirror?" I want that on a bumper sticker. That or "aging hippie liberal douche".

4:13 p.m. - 2006-12-12


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