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As a belated response to Ms. Brazil's question about my mushroom experience, here is what I got sick from last month:

It's tasty, and I took all the steps the field guides recommend to distinguish it from the poisonous C. molybdites...and I got sick anyway. Just bad indigestion, really, nothing more than that. It did illustrate to me that "causes adverse reactions in some people" implies that I might be some people. Whoever would have thought that?

Speaking of mushrooms, look what I found in a childrens' playground this past weekend:

This was in a coastal town on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington, where I spent two nights with Lark and her kid, in an effort to beat down the ever-laboring science slave within. It was a good move. We managed to stay on two of the region's six annual rain-free days, and when the wind wasn't blowing the beach was actually pleasant, certainly no less so than the foggy-ass coastal areas of California during the summer. It was nice to go to the rainy half of the state and see colors once again. For all the sunshine here, the cosmic crayon box seems to have only two shades: tan and blue (land and sky respectively). Houses are all white ranchers or beige stucco hacienda-style dwellings (no doubt the result of Californian influence, which is slowly saturating the entire west side of North America, like a seeping oil leak). Over where there is little sunlight, people paint their houses robin-egg blue or bright yellow, and the roof turns green with moss. Who needs sunshine?

I returned to find an empty refrigerator and a bathroom floor liberally littered with cat shit. You have to come home sometime.


Someone at work today switched the lab radio from the usual NPR to a local "lite rock from the eighties, nineties, and today!" station, where they play nothing but Phil Collins and other such tripe, and when I was about to change it back I heard the station's call letters were, I kid you not, KOMA-FM. So I have to give them credit for honesty. Apparently KRAP was taken. Lark says that's also a Simpsons reference, which in my geekiness I'll have to explore.

4:07 p.m. - 2006-11-21


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