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I'm beginning to feel better following my surgery on Tuesday afternoon. I was even able to give a group meeting presentation on Friday under the general assumption that I had had nothing more unusual than a root canal on Tuesday afternoon (I don't think they would have cared or judged me if I had told them the whole truth, but the situation bordered on TMI, and part of being liberal and tolerant is respecting that others may not want to hear about all the things that they have no problem accepting).

Much of the past five days I've felt like someone kicked me in the balls two hours ago, and I look like it too. I'm quite black and blue, and on rising from a chair I've been carrying on like an old man, grimacing and groaning and splaying my knees out as though my puny legs can barely support the weight of my torso. But I can cross my legs again, which I couldn't do for the first few days. I'm not quite ready to chop wood and carry it three vertical miles to base camp, but I'm becoming minimally active again. Minimally is about as active as I ever am.

And I'm sterile...well, once the test results come in at the beginning of January. Janu-fucking-ary. I still have fertile swimming haploid germ cells stuck in the ends of the now-blind plumbing, and according to the professionals it can take up to twelve weeks for all the backwater to be flushed out. Though frankly, I think my worries about being made to regret or resent myself by virtue of biology are essentially over. It's a good feeling.

Ironically, Lark and I did expand "our" "family" this weekend. We found a kitten in the park, evidently dumped there by someone who thinks the teenagers who hang around city parks are more humane than the humane society. Lark took it home to her house, and now her daughter has a kitty of her own. This one is the nicest cat I've met since meeting my own, and being a lover of kitties of all sizes and temperaments, I'm not making any small claim by saying that. So the world gets one more cat and at least one fewer person with the genetic makeup of Sr. Duermemucho. That's a great deal.

6:57 p.m. - 2006-10-15


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